5 Steps

Our commitment to sustainability rests on three pillars: options, investment and education. Dart is focused on providing options to consumers and foodservice operators so they can make the choices that best fit their needs.

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Step One: Use recycled and renewable raw materials

Some of our hot cups are produced with PLA (Polylactic Acid), which is a plant-based resin commonly derived from corn starch. PLA is fully compostable and an ideal coating for paper cups. We also make a range of dinnerware using bagasse, which is a fibre left over after the liquid has been squeezed out of sugarcane stalks.

Step Two: Operate efficiently

Dart Products Europe is continuously improving operational efficiency through appropriate investment in both machinery and personnel.

Achieving sustainability is a collaborative process. Dart Products Europe delivers on its promise in a number of ways:

  • Carbon reduction - ensuring all processes are as efficient as possible
  • Investing in the future - staying on the cutting edge of R&D into environmentally preferable materials
  • Engaging employees - we have a Steering Committee who meet on a regular basis to discuss resource utilisation including waste/ scrap reduction opportunities
  • Efficient use of energy - ensuring that we use energy efficiently in our offices and factory

Step Three: Produce recyclable and compostable products

All Dart Products Europe products can "theoretically" be recycled. However, the ability to recycle a specific single-use product is dependent upon local municipalities and the recycling methods available to them. A number of Bare™ by Dart Products Europe products are compostable at commercial composting facilities. This may not be available in your area - to learn about recycling in your area, contact your local recycling authorities.

Cups, plates, bowls and takeaway containers made from sugarcane (bagasse) are compostable. To learn about recycling in your area, contact your local recycling authorities.

Step Four: Reduce packaging

We are continually working to rationalise all carton sizes to enable us to use fewer pallets and make fewer deliveries.

Over the past year business growth has resulted in a 24.18% increase in pallets dispatched. However, we have experienced only a 6.5% increase in lorries on the road.

This was achieved through improved load planning and more efficient vehicle use. In real terms we have increased the average number of pallets per load from 19.3 to 22.5.

The majority of the cartons we source contain 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Carton sizes are designed to minimise their footprint while still offering product protection during transit.

Step Five: Reduce waste

Dart Products Europe are aiming to recycle 99.5% of its internal waste, and are actively working to reduce waste further by:

  • Improving the recycling of our mixed recycling wastes (cans, bottles, paper, plastic, strapping etc.)
  • Improving the recycling in all staff canteens
  • Recycling all fine dust waste from the filters in the factories
  • Reducing the use of blue paper towels by installing energy efficient Dyson Airblades™ hand dryers
  • Regrinding and reusing polymer during the manufacturing process.

Scrap polymer is reground and reused throughout the manufacturing process. This means that less material is wasted and material efficiency is maximised.