Meeting customers at trade events is important to us at Dart Products Europe which is why you will often find a company representative at the major events throughout Europe. 

We are a member of the Food Packaging Association (FPA) and a key sponsor of Allegra Events which puts us at the forefront of food service industry events.

Food Packaging Association.

The FPA is an Association that works in the interest of all parties involved in the foodservice packaging supply chain.

Dart Products Europe has been an active member of the Association for many years and continues to attend all events that the FPA host.

Allegra Events.

Dart Products Europe is a key sponsor of the majority of Allegra Events throughout Europe.

Our sponsorship provides us with both crucial insight into the out of home market and the opportunity to meet industry executives from different sectors of the OOH market. Both factors combined assist Dart Products Europe with continuing as one of the market leaders in the foodservice packaging industry.

If you would like to meet a Dart Products Europe representative at any of the FPA or Allegra Events please contact us and we will do all we can to arrange a meeting.