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It’s Vegan Month! Serve up the vegan way with Flexstyle® food containers and lids


With over 542,000 people being vegan in the UK, this is one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movements. Consumers want to make both healthy and ethical food choices and a rising demand means a better supply.

So, long gone are the days when vegan food options were limited and boring; you can now enjoy delicious alternative street, restaurant or cafe food.  Our Flexstyle™ containers and lids are available in a range of sizes from 8oz – 32oz (237ml – 946ml) making them the ideal choice for vegan take-away options such as porridge, soups, poke bowls, Buddha bowls and nice cream (a substitute for dairy ice cream). The containers and lids are designed to meet any service or storage need you may have, including freezing (suitable for freezing applications subject to compatibility testing by the customer) and refrigerating. Why not make your container a walking advertisement using our print service (available in up to 6 colours).