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Dart Products Europe working with Recoup and local volunteers to collect rubbish for recycling in Wales


Volunteers will assist with servicing bins, help with litter picking and collecting other waste items from the site. There will be several marked recycling points throughout the venue to encourage materials to be sorted prior to being recycled. Members of the council’s recycling team will be on hand to help place rubbish in the correct bins.


1500 kg of rubbish was recycled after the air show in 2013, we aim to increase this figure for 2018.


Anne Sutton, Director Global Innovation & Regional Manager, Government Affairs & Environment Department at Dart Products Europe says; ‘Last year’s event attracted more than 250,000 visitors and we are proud to be part of this great initiative which demonstrates that EPS can and is being recycled into products such as catering trays and thermal flooring blocks, locally in Wales’.



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