Products with pride

Products with pride

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Quietly proud of what we do. We love a challenge and we
love the opportunity to show how good our products are.

Manufacturing Faster, simpler better

Manufacturing faster, simpler better

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The Manufacturing process at Dart Products Europe uses a range of techniques with multiple materials, from foam to rPET.

Taking pride in our community

Taking pride in our community

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We don’t just exist in our local community, we are part of it.
We want to do our best by people. Our people, your people
and the people in our local community.

Get to know us better

Get to know us better

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We have built our business around strong customer
relationships, a large range of quality products and
excellent customer service.

Getting your vision off the ground

Getting your vision off the ground

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We are a safe pair of hands, your partner for innovation.
Helping you every step of the way. Relentlessly doing
things well.

Your 'on-the-go' food packaging manufacturer,
supplier and resource...

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Our products

Our products are second to none.
Our knowledge of the market, trends, desires,
design, innovation and ecological challenges
enables us to deliver the best products to you.
Whatever your need, we have the solution.

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We take pride in setting the Industry Standard of Excellence by providing a large range of high-quality products and exceptionally reliable customer service. Customers choose Dart for premium quality, service and speed of response  from people who care.

Our small company spirit is backed by international resources and a market-focused product range to ensure continued profitability and sustainability.

Why choose Dart?

  • Premium Quality
  • Service
  • Speed of response
  • Broad range of products                        

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Click below to read about why choosing Dart will be the best decision you ever make...

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"Why Choose
Dart Products


    Your brand in our hands

    See your brand on our cups... instantly. Just upload your logo here and leave the rest to us. We really do make life simpler.

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  • We manufacture

    The manufacturing process at Dart Products Europe uses a range of techniques with multiple materials from foam to rPET.

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  • Try before you buy

    We’re so confident you’ll love our products, we want you to have some to try... on the house.

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Superior product performance has always been central to our business.

Our knowledge of the market, trends, desires, design, innovation and ecological challenges enables us to deliver the best products to you.

Our Products                      
  • Drinking on the go
  • Food on the move
  • Dinnerware
  • Salads and Desserts
  • Shelf Life Solutions                                                                            

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Click on the below link to find out more about our vast product offering and how it will benefit you...

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"How broad is your range of products?"

Our values


    Pride in our community

    We are not just located within our community but we are working with local people to make a better place, for everyone. We believe in making things better.

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    It’s OUR environment

    We don’t do ‘greenwash’.  From ground breaking plant fibre packaging to our ‘zero to landfill’ factory policy; we find ways to make a better environment.

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    Innovation, it’s what we do

    We live and breathe innovation.
    Leaders not followers. Developing
    unique packaging solutions which
    really make a difference.

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    Quality, our foundation

    Quality is not a ‘bolt on’ benefit to our premium products. It’s fundamental. It’s a cornerstone to our business. Quality product, quality service, quality ideals.

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We are always on the lookout for new distributors who can help us grow our business.

Read our four simple questions to see if becoming a distributor will benefit both of our businesses.

Four Simple Questions:

  • Do you already have a well established distribution company?
  • Do you have excellent connections
    to operators in your region?
  • Will you meet our minimum order requirements?
  • Will you be able to help us grow a broad product range with the chains in your region?

If the answer is yes...

If you feel that you comply
with these four steps and are
excited by the idea of working
with us please follow the below link to fill in our 'Become a Distributor' 

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"How do I
become a

We are constantly striving to be the best…
and then better, in everything we do.

We take pride in producing fantastic products. We give our
customers the best possible service… and more. We are in
the business of helping our customers to grow their businesses'.

We are innovators, speedy to respond to our customers’ needs.

We care about the environment and we care about people; our people, your
people and the people who use our products.

We can deliver on the largest order whilst maintaining the flexibility to do short
print runs too.

We are one of the world's largest manufacturers of single use foodservice

We have a mantra: Faster, simpler, better. Always ready.